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  • News Title: ABS + PC plastic product development focus on environmental protection concept
  • Update time: 2017-05-09
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Last week, the outer disk closing price of 1020-1080 US dollars / ton (CFR China main port L / C90 days), with the previous week up 30-70 US dollars / ton.

The domestic market: driven by upstream and downstream products, phthalic anhydride market prices simultaneously higher. Phthalic anhydride plant can be limited in merchandise, offer homeopathic increase. Some traders optimistic about the market outlook, Jiancang enthusiasm is higher, looking for goods more positive. Downstream factories are slightly resistant to high prices, but partly because of pre-holiday stocking, after the holiday there is a certain procurement needs. On Saturday, the domestic prices of benzene factory gradually increased, part of the phthalic anhydride holders to continue to optimistic about the market outlook.

Monday, the East from the mainstream price increase from 8550-8600 yuan / ton, up last week, 450 yuan / ton; Guangdong mainstream sent to the price of 8850-8950 yuan / ton, up last week, 450-500 yuan / ton; Fujian mainstream since the price increase 8850-8900 yuan / ton, compared with last week rose 550-600 yuan / ton; North China mainstream since the price increase 8450-8500 yuan / ton, compared with last Monday rose 400 yuan / ton.

In mid-October, phthalic anhydride prices continue to rise may be; late, the price may be slightly down.