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  • News Title: Huangyan: Huang Yan a plastic factory warehouse fire adjacent to the fire quickly fighting
  • Update time: 2017-05-09
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Coincidentally, 9:02 am, Huang Yan has occurred with a fire. After the local North City streets after the arch of the new six-way plastic factory produced a billowing smoke, Huangyan brigade arrived at the first time to save the scene. As the fire is large, Taizhou City Fire Brigade immediately deployed near the Jiaojiang squadron, road and bridge squadron, special operations squadron, head Hong Kong squadron, the sea is full-time team rushed to the scene reinforcements.

A few hundred meters away from the fire outside, rolling smoke is very eye-catching, fire officers and men arrived at the scene, saw a three-story plant, a layer of warehouse plastic products are burning, the fire violent, smoke choking, and continue Expand the spread of the trend.

According to the scene, the fire officers and soldiers from the plant east, south and west three directions to set up more water guns and water cannons, the fire to intercept, to prevent the spread of fire. At the same time, fire officers and soldiers from the adjacent plant on the second floor of the erection of three water guns, from top to bottom on the fire plant to suppress the fire. The rest of the fire officers and soldiers to uninterrupted water supply, to ensure adequate fire extinguishing the scene. During the fighting, the scene mobilized three excavators to dismantle the metal shed.

After more than four hours of fire officers and men struggling to save the scene, the fire has been extinguished, but the accumulation of plastic warehouses in the warehouse is still smoldering, in order to prevent the recurrence of fire officers and men to continue to use water guns to eliminate the fire.

The fire area of ​​about 850 square fire, no casualties. The current cause of the fire is under investigation.

Two successive fires, we sounded the alarm. Fire fierce in the tiger, must be guarded in the first place.