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  • News Title: Giant Pneumatic Tools Applications
  • Update time: 2017-05-09
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Giant Pa pneumatic tools from being produced, the rapid occupation of the mainland market, compared to other hardware tools, the advantages are very obvious, so now many businessmen spotted this opportunity, giant tyrants pneumatic tools factory shops have set up, And each have developed, especially in the fierce competition. Kunshan Garnier to introduce the major pneumatic tools and

related use introduced:

1, pneumatic angle grinder:
Pneumatic angle grinder is a highly efficient mechanized hand tool for metal casting cutting, rust, deburring, grinding weld, polishing, polishing and other processes. It has a wide range of uses in the manufacture and maintenance of machine tools, automobiles, tractors, shipbuilding, aviation, rolling stock, container and other departments. Assembly wheel pieces, Shabu discs, and other different supplies can be used to achieve the desired effect.

2, polishing machine:
Belt polishing machine is a small hand with a belt polishing machine, mainly used for grinding solder joints, grinding cavity, deburring, chamfering and surface polishing processing. With different thickness of the size of the belt and supplies can achieve the required processing results. The following are the same as the ones,

3, pneumatic wrench:
Pneumatic wrenches are generally not suitable for tightening of the fastening device body for the mounting of ceramic and plastic. Pneumatic wrenches are widely used in many industries such as auto repair, heavy equipment repair, product assembly (commonly known as "pulse tools" and designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, installation of wire loops, and any other place The high torque output is required.

4, pneumatic screwdriver:
Used to tighten or loosen screws, nuts and other components. Through the compressed air to drive the screwdriver, in the manufacturing industry in a wide range of applications, commonly known as wind approved. Pneumatic screwdriver shell mostly metal material, feel slightly less than the electric, but the metal shell anti-static performance is better.
5, pneumatic grinder:

Pneumatic grinder must be rigorously inspected before installation and use, and if there are cracks or other defects, the pneumatic grinder is absolutely not allowed to be installed.

6, pneumatic sand mill:
Pneumatic sand mill It is a new type of grinding equipment, and we used for some time, will find its characteristics are very stable, the same pneumatic sand mill use is also very wide.